Born To Be Alive – The Song That Says It All – Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Day 11#

It’s easy to feel very sorry for yourself when you are going through treatment and to forget that there is a power and joy to simply being alive and being here. Hippy as that may sound and it probably is, the simple truths are the ones that touch you the most when you are in crisis.

Myself As A Ghost & The Endurance of Frida Kahlo – Breast Cancer Awareness Month Diary – Day #5

The crowing weight loss, weight gain headlines, the mistaken outfit stories, the too much botox, looking too haggard stories, they all make the body a battleground. For me it was something of a relief to just accept that I would never qualify by the impossible yardstick. I had to just let it go and to be honest there is a lot of freedom in that.